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Zen Chan

Cybersecurity | Technology

How To Be Anonymous Online — Part II | by Zen Chan | Medium
How To Be Anonymous Online — Part II | by Zen Chan | Medium
Image by Johnny Silvercloud from Flickr | CC2.0

“Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.”
― Oprah Winfrey

After I published Part I of “How To Be Anonymous Online,” apart from people saying, “I have nothing to hide!” people strive to protect their data. If you follow all the steps in my guide, you had begun your journey to take back control of your privacy.

Recap from Part I:

  1. Change your Browser — Firefox and Brave are privacy-first web browsers. Or use Tor if you need extra features.
  2. Use Duckduckgo and “private window” of browsers for searching.
  3. Check Your App…

Cybersecurity | Technology

Image by Mohamed Mahmoud Hassan from | CC0 Public Domain

“Conceal a flaw, and the world will imagine the worst.”
— Marcus Valerius Martial

My colleague called me today urgently asked for my advice. I thought it was work-related, it turned out someone was affected by ransomware, and she wanted to see if anything I can do while the files were already encrypted. Not before I make any comments, my colleague told me that the victim paid eventually.

The story didn’t end there. There is a follow-ups payment that needs to be paid for the second “key” — a new technique that hackers use as “double-extortion.” …

Cybersecurity | Technology

How To Be Anonymous Online. It’s Time To Take Back Our Control on… | by Zen Chan | Medium
How To Be Anonymous Online. It’s Time To Take Back Our Control on… | by Zen Chan | Medium
Image by Tony Webster from Wikimedia | Creative Commons

“All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret.” ― Gabriel García Márquez

A while back, I met an old friend who I hadn’t seen since I graduated. We went for a cup of coffee to catch up for the past decades. He told me he was watching “Breaking Bad” in season 2. And we both love Breaking Bad (Who didn't?) I also recommended him to try Westworld as “Jessie Pinkman” was in last season.

List of Zen’s InforSec on Medium and Thank you. | by ZEN CHAN | Dec, 2020 | Medium
List of Zen’s InforSec on Medium and Thank you. | by ZEN CHAN | Dec, 2020 | Medium
“Miracles do happen” in Central, Hong Kong | Copyright by the author

I wrote on Medium in November 2019. I still remember the first story was written at the Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) in Thailand. I typed on my Pixel 2XL, using the on-screen keyboard when I was waiting for my girlfriend's arrival.

Not many people use Medium in Hong Kong, but I like reading on medium. Since the last US election, I gave up Facebook. Unlike Facebook, I post on Medium to share what I learned and enjoyed. Before I realized it, my English improved! (I know it still sucks).

When preparing my presentation, the flow and the arrangement of contents secretly…

The ONE thing that makes a Great Cybersecurity Professional What I learned after becoming an ISSAP®
The ONE thing that makes a Great Cybersecurity Professional What I learned after becoming an ISSAP®
Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash

I Passed!

I just passed the exam of ISSAP® — Information Systems Security Architecture Professional from (ISC)2®. It was one of the most challenging exams I took in my life. All the answers to the multiple choices are correct, but it is required to choose the best answer in most cases. I checked the member count from the official website. There are 25 active holders in Hong Kong and 2061 worldwide.

Privacy | Cybersecurity

Image from | CC0

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger app worldwide with about two billion monthly active users, dominating Facebook Messenger at 1.3 billion and WeChat at 1.2 billion users.

One of the features that win many people to WhatsApp compared to other instant messages is the end-to-end encryption, which is active even when using a multi-device. As a result, we can see more people have doubts about privacy in Facebook Messenger. (Although the author was asking users to switch to WhatsApp!)

Facebook Messenger

If you like someone overhears every word you talk to your friend, Facebook Messenger is the best way to do it…

Technology | Cybersecurity

Image by Marco Verch Professional from Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

When food producers change the food labels from use-by-date to the best-before-date, it changes the meanings for consumers. Not only did I find it confusing, but the concept of “Best Before” is only indicating the food quality instead of food safety.

  • Best Before Date: The product is no longer at its optimal quality (quality).
  • Use By Date: The Product is no longer safe for consumption (safety).

Best Practices are like the best-before date — if you do not follow, your security posture will not be in its optimal state. However, if you exercise bad practices — your environment will no…

Privacy | Technology

Image by Stock Catalog from Flickr

Although privacy becomes a priority among browser-creators, they may not go that far as you think. You may want to be as anonymized as possible or fighting in any chance to avoid ads on the internet. So let’s take a look at how to tweak your browser settings to enhance your internet privacy.

Not long ago, I shared the data collection problems of Facebook. It has elevated privacy protection on the big tech companies’ priority list by revealing how companies compile data as you are online.

What’s their goal? To build a detailed user profile so that you can become…

Image by Blogtrepreneur from Flickr | (CC BY 2.0)

Codenamed “FlyTrap”, this new Android Trojan malware has already infected over 10,000 victims across more than 140 countries, according to a recent report from Zimperium, the global leader in mobile security. What makes this malware special is it employs social engineering tactics to compromise victim’s Facebook accounts.

FlyTrap targets Android users and can collect personal information such as:

  • their Facebook IDs,
  • location information,
  • email addresses,
  • IP addresses, and
  • the cookies and tokens associated with their Facebook accounts.

The hackers can later disguise themselves as the victims to send more phishing links to the user’s contacts via direct messages and posts…

Cybersecurity | Technology

Image by jeferrb from

Taiwanese chip designer Realtek has warned of four recent vulnerabilities in three SDKs in its WiFi modules. Realtek also published an advisory regarding those flaws used in almost 200 products made by multiple vendors.

The vulnerabilities, according to Realtek’s advisory, allow remote access without authentication by the attacker. Also, the flaws can lead to service denial, device crashes, inject arbitrary commands, and finally gain complete control of the device's highest level of privilege.

Conservatively, according to the advisory, almost a million vulnerable devices may be in use, including VoIP devices, wireless routers, repeaters, IP cameras, and smart lighting controls, possibly…

Zen Chan

Interested in Infosec & Biohacking. Security Architect by profession. Love reading and running. Top Writer in Privacy. Editor of Technology Hits.

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